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An excursion is a one-day or two-day tour. You can start an excursion anytime and anywhere. We will give you a suggestion though, from where you could start en where you could end the excursion.

If you like to spend more days in or around the area where the excursion is executed, or if you have ideas yourself, please contact us. We can advise you, assist you, and inspire you.

Cycle Yunnan

Cycling Erhai Lake - west of the Erhai Lake, Yunnan province

Duration: 1 day
Start: Dali

The Cycling Erhai Lake tour hits good roads and sometimes half-paved roads. You will cycle through villages and between the (rice) fields.



There are many opportunities to make the most beautiful photos.
We visit the colorful minority morning market in Xizhuo, after which we walk through the small town and visit some old Bai minority courtyard houses. On our way back to Dali, we visit some temples. Especially one of them you shouldn't miss; it is a very old fishermen temple - or you could call it the local meeting place for the elderly - where mainly old fishermen hang out. They play mahjong, chat, and smoke at 'the attic' of the temple. They welcome visitors to play along, chat along and smoke along.
I say: take your time!


Start and End Cycling Erhai Lake excursion

The best point to start this Cycling Erhai Lake excursion is in Dali. We meet each other after breakfast at your hotel.
We take care for the transport to Erhai lake. We rent E-bikes or normal bikes, than we are heading to Xizhuo north of Erhai Lake. Near Xizhuo we leave the bikes behind and use a horse cart to bring us to the town centre of Xizhuo. We visit some old courtyard houses and the morning market. After lunch we go back to the lake road for our ride back to Dali and you will be back in your accommodation in Dali and your Cycling Erhai Lake tour ends.


Tips, remarks, and ideas

  1. Xizhou is located between the Cangshan Mountains and the Erhai Lake. 
  2. It's also possible to stay in "Dali Garden Bed & Breakfast" 15 km north of Dali Old Town near Xizhuo. It's located in a farmer's village among traditional houses. Although not in Dali's center, it offers great opportunities to bike and to do some walking, and at the same time, see things and have a really good time. The owners of the Bed & Breakfast know how to pamper Guests.